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Raw material

Botanicus is unique in that the company is a closed cycle grower - manufacturer – seller within the same company. This cycle is "figuratively" expressed by the three Latin words in the company name: HORTUS (gardens) - APOTHICUS (pharmacy - production) - BOTANICUS (name of shops).

Growing plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables in our own gardens is the basis for the production of extracts and oils. The extracts are made from fresh herbs, not dried (as is the case in most cosmetic products of other companies). The close proximity of the garden and manufacturing facility provides immediate processing of natural raw materials. All these raw
materials that come from our gardens, are classified as organic.

This certified material we use not only as ingredients for cosmetics but also in Botanicus food products such as marmalade, cordials, chutney, etc. The whole range of our products is produced in small batches to conserve their natural characteristics.

The production of cosmetic products and food takes place in manufacturing facilities that meet strict hygiene standards, with the majority of products being hand made. Modern technology is employed, where necessary, to meet and exceed global standards and requirements but traditional values are at the core of everything we produce and Botanicus cosmetics contain the highest possible quantity of plant material.